Step 3: Adding Teams - 20 minutes

Adding Teams

The next step in setting up ArbiterGame™ is to add all of your school’s teams and any squads necessary. These are not the students themselves, but the teams of students that play during the season. After you establish your teams, then you can add students to the individual teams.

Let’s Get Started

From the main ArbiterGame™ screen, click the Teams tab. As seen in the process described below and on the next page, the screen that displays allows you to customize your team information by sport, gender, and level as well as to link each team to appropriate site, sub site, and game or practice times. There is also an optional setting for having officials assigned by ArbiterOne™ or by the school.

  1. From the Teams tab, click Create New Team.
  2. Once you click Create New Team (see previous page), the Add Team screen
    displays. Choose Sport, Gender, and Level from the three boxes near the top
    of the screen. For each box you select, a pop-up window opens with clickable
    Icons for you to choose from.
    NOTE: You will need to complete all three boxes to add a team.
  3. Choose from the Sport pop-up options.
  4. Choose from the Gender pop-up options.
  5. Choose from the Level pop-up options.
  6. From the drop-down menus, select a site, sub site, and game or practice times in
    the Game Defaults section of the page.
  7. If applicable, change this default setting to EITHER: Assigned by School OR An ArbiterOne™ Assigning Group. This Officiating field is optional at this point. ArbiterGame™ recommends that you indicate the need for officials when you set up events.
  8. Click Create Team to return to the Team List, which now displays an updated list of your school’s teams.

NOTE: To add students to your team, select your team from the Team List and
click on Roster, then Add Players. See also the Students section, page 23.


Adding Squads

Adding a squad to your team list can be done easily. You will want to create a new team that mirrors an already existing team. Because you’ve already created that team, ArbiterGame™ knows that it exists and signals renaming subsequent teams as squads. You can only add four (4) squads per sport/gender combination.

  1. Click the Teams tab and then Create New Team. Create a new team with the exact parameters as the existing team for which you want to build a squad.  For example, if you already have a Girls Freshman Volleyball team, add a new team and select Girls, Freshman, and Volleyball.
  2. Because the same team is being created, ArbiterGame™automatically displays the Add Squad Name screen.
  3. Type in the squad name for the original team and the squad name for the second team (e.g. gold, black or A, B)
  4. Click Done Adding Squad Name to proceed.


For more details, please see our full ArbiterGame User Manual.

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