Step 2: Sites and Subsites - 10 minutes

Setting Up Sites & Sub Sites

The second step in the Warm Up process is to set up ArbiterGame™ with sites and sub sites where you will hold school events. Doing so allows ArbiterGame™ to determine available locations where these events can be held (e.g., gym, basketball court, community pool, etc.).

Because the Sites tab information will be used in other areas of ArbiterGame™, it is important to set up your sites early. Make sure your home team sites are properly listed; including all sites where you schedule games as the home team (e.g., home site or satellite sites). You do not need to subscribe to opponent’s sites.

Let’s Get Started

There are two areas that you can use to set up a satellite site or sub site:

  1. The Subscribe to Home Sites screen (displayed on the following page)
  2. The Create Site screen and related Sub Sites screen (discussed on pages 4 – 10)

Any location you use for home games should be listed in the Site or Sub Site area of ArbiterGame™. Your school’s physical location is defaulted as your site, so you do not need to set that up. This material walks you through how to set up another satellite site. For example, your satellite site and sub sites might be:

  • Site: Community pool, golf course, equestrian arena
  • Sub Sites: Fields, gyms, or courts located on the site’s property

NOTE: If new sites have more than one location on the premises where a game might be played, add those locations as sub sites.


For more information, see the ArbiterGame User Manual.

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