Step 1: School Settings - 5 minutes

Completing School Settings

The ArbiterGame™ Settings tab allows you to set up your school’s information (e.g. address, phone, district ID, logo, etc.), making sure that the information is correct and complete. In addition to the contact information, you can also adjust the setting for your school if you plan to publish your games to ArbiterLive™ for the public. The Settings tab has three (4) components:

  • School
  • SchoolDude (if ConnectArbiter is purchased through SchoolDude)
  • Preferences
  • ArbiterLive


When you click Settings from ArbiterGame™ screen, the School Settings screen displays.  This screen allows you to add your school’s address, phone number, district license and other school-specific information.


If you district purchases ConnectArbiter to synchronize facility and transportation requests, you will map your locations under the SchoolDude tab.


Select if you want to allow your opponents to accept a contract on your behalf.  While this may sound alarming, it allows a last minute change to go public without you having to log in and accept the changed contract.


ArbiterLive is the public site to follow your school.  It allows players, parents, media, and fans to follow a team.    If you do not use ArbiterLive, unselect the checkbox and input the URL where you host your schedules.  Anyone who lands on your ArbiterLive page will be directed back to the page you are using.

ArbiterLive also offers a store for your public.  12% of all purchases is shared back with you.


For more details, see the ArbiterGame User Manual.

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