Part 5: Mass Update Your Schedule

When you have many items to get through, changing them one by one can take a long time. To make this easier, mass update items on your schedule.

Not sure how to mass update games?  Check out this help article.

By the numbers

  1. Publishing Games -- To publish or unpublish a game, it takes on average 1 second.  While that may not be a long time, it can add up and a distraction can get you off track.  With mass updating, changing 50 items at once only takes 11 seconds. 
  2. Electronic Contracts -- While we think that electronic contracts will save you a lot of time and headaches by themselves, mass accepting new contracts is much faster.  Accepting one contract at a time takes 6 seconds.  Accepting contracts in mass takes the exact same amount of time!  Now that's good news.
  3. Facilities and Transportation -- Did you forget to add transportation or facilities to a few games?  Do you need to change the times on several events?  Do it in mass to make the changes faster than ever.  With this mass update, you can even send all of your facility and transportation requests to SchoolDude!  In ArbiterGame, it takes 1.5 seconds per event.....and we're not going to calculate how long it would take to enter the information on multiple sites.



For example, if the bus leave time changes from 2:00 pm to 2:10 pm, editing each game can take up to 15 seconds. 


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