Part 2: Use Recurring Practices and Events

If you got your games entered following Part 1 of the Tips and Tricks, we'll show you how to enter your practices and events more efficiently.

For more information on setting up recurring practices and events, see this help article.

By the Numbers


Adding a single practice, with defaults set up, takes 22 seconds on average.  Using the Save and New option, you can drop that average down to 10 seconds.  However, with the recurring practices, adding three practices a week for 3 months (39 practices), it takes only 51 seconds with the additional clicks and processing time.  That's a miniscule 1.3 seconds per practice!


With events, the returns are even greater than with practices.  Because each event requires typing in a name, selecting a type, and choosing a site or subsite, it takes an average of 31 seconds to enter one by one.  Using the Create and New option drops it down to 11 seconds, close to that of a practice.  However, the recurring events only take 1.3 seconds.  That's a reduction of 96%!


For both practices and events, you can use the recurring practices and events along with the Create and New.  For example, you can add the varsity practices and then the JV practices.


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