Part 1: Quickly Add Your Game Schedule

In the first of our tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to enter your enter schedule in a fraction of the time.  With a few adjustments, we’ll show you how you too can save time entering your schedule.

  1. Set up team defaults – When entering a game that has the required already entered, it takes 80% less time to enter. 
  2. Do one team at a time – When entering your schedule, enter schedules for one team at a time.  By entering all of the games for one team, you can use the “Save and New” and only change the date and opponent.  If you add the games in chronological order, the calendar selector will already be in the right spot. 
  3. Add home games then away – By adding all of your home games first, you will have fewer fields to adjust when adding each additional game.
  4. Use the Smart Scheduler TM – With the Smart Scheduler, you can add multiple games at once.  For example, when you add a varsity game, you can also add JV and Freshman games.  For sports that have similar schedules, you can add cross sport games as well (Softball/Baseball). 


By the Numbers

Applying the suggestions above reduces the average time to add a game from 1:50 to 5 seconds!  If you have 300 games to enter, that would save you over 8.5 hrs. Below we outline the gains per type.

  1. Set up team defaults –That cuts 1:50* per game down to 20 seconds.
  2. Do one team at a time –Using Save and new further reduces the average time from 20 seconds to 13 by not having to load the schedule page and reenter data.
  3. Add home games then away – Doing home and away separately cut an additional 2 seconds per game.   
  4. Use the Smart Scheduler TM –In instances where 3 games were added, the time to add three games rose from 11 seconds (using Save and New) to 15 seconds total to process the two additional games.  The average time for those three games drops to just 5 seconds!
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