Ranking Officials

After you have entered in your officials to your group, the next step for you to complete is to Rank your officials.  The following steps will show you exactly how you can do this.


How to Rank Officials

Changing a Rank of an Official


How to Rank Officials

  1. Go to and login as an Admin.
  2. Click on the Users The list of all of your officials will now be displayed. On the top left corner, Rank will be the first option under the Utilities Section.
  3. The Rank Officials page is currently being displayed. In the middle of the page, a box with the sport and position well appear typically with the first position that was ever added to the sport. Click on the drop down arrow to see all of the positions available to rank. 
  4. Below, you’ll see two big boxes with the name of the officials on either side. The left box is the Not Ranked box, meaning that they need to be ranked for the current position only. The right box is the Ranked box meaning that they are ranked and they can be assigned to the position of the games.
    Pass them from the Not Ranked to the Ranked by clicking on the name of the official, entering the rank in between the boxes; 100 being the best and 999 being the worst, and clicking the green  arrow.


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Changing the Rank of an Official

If an official's rank has changed, you can ReRank him to a higher or lower rank.

  1. Go to the User stab and click on Rank under Utilities.
  2. Select the specific sport and position of the official you would like to update from the drop down menu.
  3. Select the official that needs to be ReRanked by clicking on his name.
  4. In the middle, enter the rank what this official will change into and click on ReRank.


Important: If you are trying to change a rank for an official and it throws an error, this means that they are scheduled for that position and changing the rank conflicts with the required ranked of the position on the game.


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