How Do I Transfer My Funds to Another ArbiterPay User?

Within ArbiterPay, we offer a feature that enables the ArbiterPay user to send funds to any other ArbiterPay user. Whether it is for assigning fees that you need to pay, or paying membership dues, this feature will come in handy. Before we can get started, you need to have the ArbiterPay User’s Username and Account Number.


Sending the Funds

After you have the Username and Account Number from the other ArbiterPay user, we can begin the process of sending the funds.

  1. Go to and sign into your ArbiterPay Account
  2. On the left hand side, click on the Transfers
  3. Under the Transfer Funds section, find Pay Officials, Personnel & Other ArbiterPay Users (Individual) and click on Enter.
  4. Next, under the section of Credit to Account, start to fill out the Payee Username and the Payee Account Number with the information given from the Payer.
  5. On the Transfer Details section, fill in the amount that you are paying for and a quick description as you please. Your 4 digit Security Key/PIN is required to process this payment
  6. Click on Continue at the bottom right.


The next page is the confirmation page. Look over the transfer details and make sure you have entered the correct username, account number, and the amount. After verifying, click on the Submit button found at the bottom right. The payment has been sent to the ArbiterPay User and it will be available to them immediately.

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