June 16, 2015 (v29.6)

This release adds 17 new features and fixes 11 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • The first in a series of performance items to ArbiterOne and ArbiterGame
  • Beta release of the new Partner API
  • ArbiterGame 360 functionality added



New Features

  • Improved performance by tuning procedures pulling user data that is limited to a specific group.
  • Improved performance by tuning procedures pulling account related data.
  • Improved performance by tuning procedures pulling assigner related data.
  • Allow Partners to get position data through the new external API for partners.
  • Added a partner element to the API for external partners.
  • Added the ability to submit individual line items of a paysheet through the Partner API.
  • Added the ability to remove entities from paying accounts.
  • Added the homepage for the internal tools.
  • Added the ability to search paysheets.
  • Added ability to view games that need to be paid through the new interface.
  • Added users and their rights for the new API and interface.
  • Created permissions for API for Partners.

Defect or Bug

  • Ticket# 98044 &111339: Corrected an issue when a game reminder is sent to a contact, it did not have the officials on it.
  • Ticket# 101157 & 57847: Fixed an issue that showed games for all groups, instead of filtered group for officials when printing their schedules.
  • Changed the way the background consent form displays the group that the official is authorizing a check to be run for.
  • Ticket# 94219: Fixed an issue when making a game change and removing an official, that official was not actually unassigned.



New Features

  • A new page was created that shows all schools that are attached to a super group.
  • Created navigation between ArbiterOne and Arbiter360 accounts.
  • Added a search feature to find schools in a 360 account.
  • Added filter capabilities to school lists in 360 accounts.
  • For game changes, the teams can only be changed to other teams that share the same gender and sport.

Defect or Bug

  • Corrected an issue with Event Worker registration that gave them a message that ArbiterPay was not a secure site.
  • When looking at a profile email address link now work correctly.
  • When a game is scheduled and then the level of the home team is changed, the game level was not changed properly. This has been corrected.



New Features


Defect or Bug

  • Removed the download and upload feature on all Silverlight videos. The videos delivered through this method are still available, but must be streamed.
  • Removed restrictions on test monitoring that prevented custom filters that filter on sub-groups from showing results for all officials that took a given test.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the addition of steps to a registration process without going through a poor work around.
  • Fixed a data display issue when saving registration steps that prevented an admin from seeing data while changing their process
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