Smart Scheduler

Do you have teams that face the same opponents on the same day?  You can use the Smart Scheduler to create multiple games in one session, saving you essential time while managing your athletic department.


Using the Smart Scheduler

To begin using the Smart Scheduler tool, you will first need to edit the flagship team which you schedule first, such as your Varsity team. 

  1. Click on your Teams tab, and then click on the team which you wish to edit.
  2. On the Edit Team page, click on the Smart Scheduler tab, located just underneath the team information icons.
  3. Click the green Add New button to create a new smart scheduler rule.
  4. Use the drop-down to select menus for the Team, Hour, Day, and Site information for your new rule. For example, you may say that when you schedule your Boys Varsity Basketball team, you will schedule the Girls Varsity team to play the same corresponding opponent on the same day, same hour, but in a separate gym.  Or, you may wish to set a rule stating that the Boys JV team plays the same corresponding opponent on the same day, same gym, but two hours earlier than the Varsity game.
  5. Click the Save button to save the rule.


You can edit the rule by clicking the  icon to the right  of the rule information, or delete the rule by clicking the  icon.  To add another rule, click the green Add New button again.  Now that you have set up rules for you Smart Scheduler, it will automatically create additional games according to your rules when you create one game for your team. 

If you wish to create a game without using the Smart Scheduler, check the box for Bypass Smart Scheduler, located in the “Info” section of the Create Game page.


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