Blocking Officials From Your Teams

If you have been given a contact relationship to your teams, you can have the ability to block certain officials from working games for you team. This feature is a permission that granted by the group administrator, so you may not see it activated in your account. Please contact your administrator if you want to activate this feature.


Blocking Officials From A Team

  1. Click on your Schedule tab to pull up a list of your various schedules.
  2. For each of your teams, there is a Blocks cell, which will display the number of blocked officials. To access the Block Officials page, click on the link in the cell.
  3. The Block Officials page will initially display any officials that you have already blocked. To begin blocking officials, click on the icon.
  4. Select the official you wish to block from the drop-down menu. You can also check the boxes to block them from home or away games, or both.
  5. When finished, click the icon to save the block.
  6. You can remove blocked officials by click the icon to the left of their name.


As a contact, you will have a limit to the total number of officials that you can block for any one team. To change this limit, please contact your assigner.

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