Once you have subscribed to the sites that will host your games, you may need to add sub-sites to them, in order to establish the actual area of competition that game will be played on.


Sites, Sub-Sites, and Satellite Sites

Before we cover how to add sub-sites, it’s important to clarify the difference between a site, sub-site, and a satellite site, as well as the role each plays is your assigning.

A Site is the physical location or building that is hosting the sporting event. Common types of sites are schools, public parks, sports clubs, or recreation centers. The information connected to a site includes the name of the location, the physical address, and phone number for the site.

A sub-site is the gym, field, diamond, or other designated area of competition where the sport will take place. By distinguishing between a site and its sub-site, you can schedule multiple games at one site, without having to duplicate addresses in the system. A good way to think about the difference is that a high school counts as the site, but the gym, auditorium, and softball diamond all count as sub-sites.

A Satellite is any site that is separate from a school location. For example, a high school may have a swim team, but doesn’t have its own swimming pool at the school’s site. In such a case, assigners should not create a fictional sub-site at the school to act as the team’s default site, but should use the actual site (such as the local aquatic center) as the team’s default site.


Adding Sub-Sites

Editing Sub-Sites


Adding Sub-Sites

  1. Click on the Assigning tab, and then click on the Sites sub-tab
  2. To the right of any site is a cell marked Sub-site. Click on the number in the cell to navigate to the list of sub-sites.
  3. To add a sub-site, click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the list, and enter the following information:
    SubSite Name: This is the name of the sub-site as it is known to everybody – such as, “Field 1,” or “Diamond C” (Again, only use the proper name of the sub-site. Avoid nick names).

    Type: Use the drop-down menu to select what type of sub-site you are creating. If the type isn’t listed, use the “Other” option.

    Sport: Use the list to select any and all sports that play at this subsite. You can select multiple sports by holding the Ctrl key (Command key for Mac users), and clicking on each sport.
  4. Click the icon to save your information
  5. To cancel adding a subsite, click the icon.


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Editing Sub-sites

If you need to change information about your sub-site, you can click on the icon to the left of the sub-site name. From here, you can edit any information about the sub-site, including the name, type, and hosted sports. Be careful, though – if you change the sub-site in your group, you will also change it for every other assigner in the system.

Sub-Sites cannot be deleted in ArbiterOne. If you need to delete a sub-site, or merge two or more sub-sites together, Submit a Request to Arbiter customer support, and our Technical Services staff will do it for you.


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