Setting Permissions

After adding officials into your group, the next thing is to set permissions as the assignor to allow officials, contacts, and group admins to access or see certain information from their group. Assignors can either give permissions or remove permissions to a user or multiple users.


Setting Permissions

Administrators have the ability to select and give specific permissions to multiple users at once.

  1. Login as an Admin and click on the “Settings” tab. Click on the Permissions sub tab located to the far left.  
  1. Next to the the section of “Set Permissions For”, use the drop-down menu to select which group of users you are giving these permissions to and the level of the sport that the permission applies to (typically, All Sports).
  2. Next to the section of “Allow Users to”, use the drop-down menu to select which permission to grant them.
  3. At the middle of the screen, two boxes are shown, along with the list of your officials. The left box is the Not Allowed box and the right box is the Allowed box. The list of officials may change if you select a different permission.
  4. To give the user the permission, click on the user’s name to highlight them and click on the right blue  to pass them over to the “Allowed” box.

  5. To remove a permission, click on the user’s name and click on the left blue .

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