Updating Your Profile

It’s important to have your personal information up-to-date so that your assigners, school staff, and partners can contact you when necessary. 

Navigating to the Profile Page

  1. Sign in to any one of your groups as an official, and click on the Profile
  2. By default, you should be directed to the Information sub-tab.


User Identification

Email Address

Phone Number


Other Information


Updating Your User Identification

Enter your first, middle, and last name, and a suffix, if you use one.  (e.g., “Sr.”, “III,” “Esq.”, etc.).  To save the information, click any of the “Save” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the Profile page.


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Updating Your Email Address

This is the email address that serves as your ArbiterSports username. 

  1. To save the new email address, click the “Save” button immediately beneath the Email box.
  2. For ArbiterConnected subscribers, you can add additional email addresses by clicking the green “+” button in the upper-right corner of the Email Address section.


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Updating Your Phone Number

Include any relevant information to help other officials and contacts reach you by phone. 

  1. Ext – If your phone number is for the front desk at your work, you can include an extension so others can reach your direct line.
  2. Type – Indicate whether your phone number is work number, home, cell, fax, or other type of phone number.
  3. Carrier – For ArbiterConnected subscribers, please make sure that you include your cellular service provider in the “Carrier” drop-down menu, so that ArbiterSports can send your game notifications via text.*
  4. Public – when checked, your phone number will be visible to officials and contacts who look up your information in their directories
  5. Note – Include instructions for when others try to contact you at this number. For example “Work phone – do not call after 5 pm.”
  6. Test – For cell phones, you can click on the cell phone icon be sent a test text from ArbiterSports.*
  7. To add additional phone numbers, click the green “+” icon.
  8. To save changes to your phone information, click the “Save” button immediately beneath the Phone Numbers Section.
  9. To delete a phone number, click the red “x” icon to the far right of the phone number information.


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Updating Your Address

This information is used by ArbiterSports to calculate travel distances to and from games.

  1. To make your address visible to other uses besides your assigner, check the “(Public to other officials and contacts)” box, located in the upper right corner of your address information.
  2. Travel Limits – ArbiterSports determines your travel distance to and from game sites by your postal code. If your assigner has given you permission to update your own travel limits, there will be a check box located to the right of your Postal Code field.  To update your starting postal code for distance calculation enter in your new postal code, check the box “Update travel limits,” and click any of the “Save” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the Profile page.


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Other Information

Official Number – If your organization uses a member ID number, enter it here.

  1. SSN – Your SSN is required for payment and registration purposes. Once entered, the number can only be viewed by a paying administrator, and only the last four digits are viewable by default, with exception to printing payment vouchers.
  2. TIN – If you wish to include a Tax Identification Number for your business, you must replace your last name in the User Identification Section with your Company Name.
  3. Date of Birth – You must enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. You may also click on the calendar icon on the right to select the date from the calendar list.
  4. When you have finished updating your information, click any of the “Save” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the Profile page.


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