Viewing Your Schedule and Accepting Games

When your assigner publishes your game, you can sign in to your ArbiterSports account and accept or decline the assignments you have received.  This article will cover how to view your schedule, and accept or decline those published assignments.

Sometimes the games won't show up because of the filter options that are selected.


Viewing Your Schedule

Accepting or Declining Assignments

Turning Back Assignments


Viewing Your Schedule

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports account as an official
  2. Click on the Schedule

Your schedule page has four main views, which can be selected by clicking on the corresponding view in the Display menu, located on the left side of the schedule page.  The four views are

  • List View – Arbiter’s default view, which displays the games in list order, usually sorted by Date & Time.
  • View By Day – Displays game information for a specific day. To toggle forward and backward through days, click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, located just above the day information.
  • View By Week – Displays a seven-day schedule, starting on Sunday, and ending on Saturday. Use the Scale box to designate the divisions between times in the rows box (30 min, 15 min, 60 min, etc.).   To toggle forward and backward through weeks, click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, located just about the week information.
  • View By Month – Displays a one-month calendar view of upcoming assignments. The month name and year will be displayed in the top center title portion of the calendar.  The previous and subsequent months will be displayed to the left and right of the month title, respectively. 

List View (Continued)

By default, your list view will include all of your upcoming assignments from each group you work for.  However, you can change which games are displayed, using the Filter tool, located just above the game list.  The three filters you can use to refine your list are “Date,” “Group,” and “Include,” which returns either games, events, or both.  Simply use the drop-down menus to select the filter information you want, and then click the “Apply” button on the right hand side.  Your list will refresh itself and return games according to the filters you selected.

Viewing Game Information

The List View will display the Game ID, Notes, Assigning Group, Assigned Position, Date & Time of Game, its Sport & Level, the Game Site, Home and Away Teams, listed game fee, and a Status bar, which will include an Accept or Decline box for published games.  To view additional details about the game, click on the Game ID number.  This view will let you see the contact information for other officials who are also assigned to the game.  You can also click on the site name to bring up directions to the site via Google Maps.


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Accepting or Declining Games

  1. Click on your Schedule
  2. Make sure that you have selected List View from the Display menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Published games will have an “Accept” and “Decline” box to the far right of the game information.
  4. Check either the box for “Accept” or the box for “Decline,” depending on which action you wish to take.
  5. Click any of the “Submit” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the Schedule page.
  6. If you decline an assignment, you may be required to enter a comment explaining why you declined it.

(Note:  Some assigners do not grant permission for officials to decline assignments on their own.  If you cannot decline a game, contact your assigner, and request that they remove you from the game themselves.)

When you decline a game it will send an email to person who assigned you to the game letting them know you have declined, as well as administrators who oversee the sport of the game in that group (scope). 

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Turning Back Assignments

Some assigners allow officials to remove themselves from games after they have already accepted the assignment.  If your assigner has granted you this permission, you will see a “Turnback Assignment” link in the status bar for you assignment, located to the far right of the game information.  To turn back an assignment:

  1. Click “Turnback Assignment.”
  2. Enter in a comment explaining why you need to turn back the assignment.
  3. Click “Turnback.”


Game Report

Some assigners have set up their accounts to request that an official fill out a Game Report. Within the game report one official on the game will be asked to note if their partners and themselves, were on time, late or a no-show. They will be able to put the score for each team, and any other comments they believe the assigner would need to know about the game.

The report will show up as an report.png to the far left of a game for officials. Until the report is filled out icon will be red. Once the report is filled out and sent to the assigner for approval, the icon will turn yellow. The icon will turn green once the assigner has approved/accepted the game report, and verified the game. 

Note: The icon will only be visible to officials after a game is completed. If you do not see the icon you may not be required to fill this out. Reach out to your assigner for questions or further details about a Game Report.

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    tom raimo

    whar if you don't have the capabilities to block decline or accepts games on the sire it automatically says it was accepted as soon as you exit out. can i get control of this

    Edited by tom raimo
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    my assigner can't post any games for me to accept or decline, now what? like i'm blocked.
    e-mail, i'v been with A.S. since 2011.

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    Tracy lindsey

    My assigner can't post my games either. I was able to get them from only assigner

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    John Kennard

    I need to talk to a person because I have changed my password. It still won!t let me in. My phone # 215-753 7005. Please call me as soon ASAP John Kennard

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    Moore, Dacia

    When I click on the Schedule tab, it will not let me go any further. It's almost as if I am not associated with any games. I am the athletic director and can not pull up game information from the website.

    Dacia L. Moore

    I really need help because we have 3 games this week. During Football season the system worked fine and I was able to get into everything. It's like I do not have rights to this page.....

  • Avatar
    Doug Rowe

    Same problem each year gaining access to my game schedule

  • Avatar
    Travis O'Kelley

    I am a coach (girls soccer), not an official. I no longer get game notifications with the names of the officials for my games. It had been a while since I had signed in, but I was still getting game notifications for my site up through last year's boys soccer season. This year, nothing. I also can't see my schedule on arbiterone. When did all these changes happen and what's going on with my account??

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    Betty Norris

    unable to view my games on Arbiter

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    David Sammataro

    I lost track Of the games I accepted.

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    Amy Lindsey

    Nothing comes up on my schedule! Yet my assigner sent me two emails telling me to check my schedule, and decline or accept!

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    Kevin Gadson

    Can’t see my games schedule

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    Kevin Gadson

    Kevin Gadson