Recurring Events and Practices

Are you about to sit down and schedule two dozen practices that have all the same information -- Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, 3:30 PM, in the East Gym? Are you dreading having to enter information for coaches meetings, over and over, to fill out the whole season? Now, you can create recurring events and practices in one session, saving you the hassle of adding each entry multiple times.


Creating Recurring Events and Practices

  1. On the Schedule page, click on the Add button, and select either New Practice, or New Other Event.

  2. In the section When, click on the bubble for “Weekly.”
  3. Enter a date range for when the event or practice takes place, using the Start Date and End Date

  4. Select which day of the week the event or practice takes place. You may select multiple days as needed.
  5. Select a start time for the event or practice from the Start Time drop-down list.
  6. Select a Duration for how long the event or practice will last.
  7. Complete the rest of the event or practice as necessary, such as site, sub-site, facility requests, and more.

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