Linking ArbiterPay & ArbiterSports (Assigners)

If your group uses ArbiterPay, you can link your Paying Administrator account to your ArbiterSports account. This gives you access to see your current available balance while in ArbiterOne.  This article will explain how to link your ArbiterPay account to your ArbiterSports Admin account.

Note:  If you have not created an ArbiterPay account, click HERE to register.


Linking Your Accounts Together

  1. Sign into your ArbiterSports Account.
  2. Click on the "Payroll" tab.  This tab will be visible to the right of the "Users" Tab.
  3. If your association uses ArbiterPay, click the "ArbiterPay" sub-tab, located in the grey ribbon beneath the Payroll tab.
  4. Type in your ArbiterPay username in the Username text box, and then click on the  icon
  5. Verify that your ArbiterPay account number is accurate by checking the last 4 digits.
  6. Enter the numeric Security Key/PIN from your ArbiterPay Account to authorize ArbiterSports to link your accounts.
  7. Click the  icon to save your information.


Once your information is saved, ArbiterSports will display your ArbiterPay account number along with the current available balance.  You can now pay your officials through ArbiterPay if you are in charge of paying them.

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