Paying Officials Not In ArbiterSports

To process a direct ArbiterPay-to-ArbiterPay transfer, if the official is not assigned through ArbiterSports, follow these steps: (Important Note: Before you start the process, make sure you obtain the official's ArbiterPay Username and their Account Number)


  1. Sign into your Paying or Schools ArbiterPay account in
  2. Go to Transfers tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. Under the section of Transfer Funds, click on enter by the Pay Officials, Personnel & Other ArbiterPay Users (Individual).

  4. Below the section of Credit to Account, proceed to plug in their Username and Account Number of the official.

  5. On the Transfer Details section, enter in the Amount to Transfer, and a brief description as you please. You will need to provide your account's Security Key to approve of the payment.

  6. Click on Continue on the bottom right.


A summary page will be displayed soon after to verify of the payment with you one more time. If everything looks correct and in place, proceed to hit submit. Confirmation of the payment to the official will appear above the Send Funds section. 

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