Using the RefPay Debit Card (Old Debit Card)

  • Log in to ArbiterPay
  • Click on the Transfers button, on the left side of the page
  • Click the Enter box to the right of "To Old RefPay Debit Card (Not needed for New ArbiterPay Card)"
  • Verify the information is correct in the "Debit from Account" box and the "Credit to Card" box. Herring bank would be able to verify the card number. 1-866-348-3435 (if this information is not correct and your payment is returned, you will be charged a $5 return fee. Note: if your bank account is under your name and you have a company name on your ArbiterPay account, the funds will not go through.
  • Under Transfer details, enter the amount you want to transfer (note: the amount available to transfer is in the top right corner of your screen).  Do not type a "$" symbol, or use commas.
  • Transfer Fee is marked Free because this is a transfer to your RefPay card.
  • Enter your four digit security key/PIN
  • Select Continue on the bottom right corner
  • On the Transfer Confirmation page, verify that the transfer information is correct, and click "Submit" to confirm the transaction, and your transfer will begin processing.
  • For a schedule indicating how long the funds will take to receive click Here.
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