February 26, 2015 (v28.4)

Thank you for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs.  To continue improving our site, we release updates every two weeks.  Each update includes performance and stability improvements along with other bug fixes.  When new features are released, we'll include additional information about the changes.

Highlights this release:

Updates in ArbiterGame to prepare for Event Workers
Performance and stability updates



  • New features for Event Workers
  • Improved reliability with the SchoolDude integration


  • Corrected an issue that didn't allow some schools to map their account with SchoolDude
  • Fixed an issue that allowed home games to be saved without a site or subsite.  After saving, an error message was appearing.



  • The link to our Help Center at the top of the page was renamed from "Support" to "Help."
  • Updated the Contact Welcome email to a new architecture that adds dependability, reliability, and reporting


  • Fixed an issue with the officials Game Reminder email that didn't include partners in some situations
  • Fixed an issue that appeared for some users when updating their profile photo





  • Corrected an issue that prevented a limited number of users from viewing online rule books
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    Randy Johnson

    How do I report matches I have worked? How long does it take for money to be deposited into my Arbiter account. I received my Arbiter debit card but there is no balance in the account.

  • Avatar
    Nathan Evans

    Randy -- On your schedule, there will be an R for any games that you need to complete a report for.

    The payment is dependent on when the school or assigner issue payments. As soon as payments are made, they will appear in your ArbiterPay account.