The purpose of Registration API is to allow organizations to import officials to their ArbiterSports account.  Organizations can include personal data, custom fields, eligibility status, permissions, and other assigning related fields.


The service supports two functions: RegisterUsers and UpdateUsers.  The RegisterUsers function adds an official not already in the target ArbiterSports account.  The UpdateUsers call is needed to update an official’s record. Upon successfully inserting an official, ArbiterSports will return the UserID for the official.  For updates, the userID should be provided.

When an official is sent through the API, the API will attempt to find a match using the official's email address. If a match is not found using the email address, the ArbiterUserID field is used. If a record exists, a result of success = true plus a message stating that they are already an existing user will be returned for this record. If no record is found then they will be inserted.

Note:  In cases where the sending party does not know if the official is already in the account, we recommend calling the RegisterUsers and UpdateUsers calls for each request.

Function Definitions

For a list of the functions and their definitions, visit the following page.

For sample C# code, VisualStudio will generate a SOAP client based on the WSDL. The WSDL is obtained by adding ?wsdl to the end of the URL above.

Field definitions:

Field Data Type Definition
registerusers NA Root node
FirstName string Official's first name
LastName string Official's last name
Email string Email address for the official
Address1 string Address 1 for the official.  Can include suite or apt number if address 2 field is not used.
Address2 string The suite, apartment, or additional address information for the official
City string Name of city
State string Two character state abbreviation
Zip string Postal code for the official.  Supports US five or nine digit postal codes or Canadian six character postal codes (for Canadian postal codes, include the space separating the first three and last three characters).
 DOB date Official's date of birth
 SSN string Nine digit Social Security Number.  Can include dashes or only numbers
 ArbiterUserID INT Used for updates.  For all RegisterUsers calls, this field should be left blank. 
 Password string Initial password for new uploads.  If the official is already in the system, the password field will be ignored.
 Groups INT  If the official will be added to more than one account (state account and local chapter), then more than one groupID would be provided.  The stateID included in this field is to be used for tracking the state's assigned ID number for the official.
  CustomFields string Include a list of custom fields and their values.  The name of the custom field must match the name of the custom field in ArbiterSports.  More than one custom field can be provided.
PermissionSet string Name of the permission set the official should be assigned.  If no permission set is provided, the default permission set for the account will be applied to the official.
 Phones string Contains a list of phone numbers. Use the web method GetPhoneTypes to assign the phone typeid attribute.  The phone number field allows for alphanumeric characters and will display as added (dashes, extensions, etc)
 Ranks INT Ranks are used to indicate an official's competency in a sport.  Range from 100-999, with 100 being best.  Each rank has a position id and the numerical rank they are to be given for that position. Use the GetPositionNames function to get the proper position ID’s for a sport.
 Seasons INT Seasons indicate the eligibility for an official.  In ArbiterSports, each season represents eligibility for a sport during a specific time period.  User the GetSportSeasons function to retrieve the season IDs for each sport.

Sample XML
The sample XML below is for the RegisterUsers function.  The fields for the UpdateUsers function will be the same with a change in the initial function call.

<address1>12712 SE William Otty Rd</address1>
<city>Happy Valley</city>
<group id='105040' stateid='741'>
<sportseason id='31'/>
<sportseason id='32'/>
<group id='105446' stateid='724'/>
<phone typeid='4'>801-435-7231</phone>



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