February 12, 2015 (v28.3)

Thank you for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs.  To continue improving our site, we release updates every two weeks.  Each update includes performance and stability improvements along with other bug fixes.  When new features are released, we'll include additional information about the changes.

Highlights this release:

Updates in ArbiterGame to prepare for Event Workers
Continued improvements to emails
Security updates to ArbiterPay



  • When editing a game, some recipients were not receiving the game change notifications
  • Clients were seeing a message when adding events or practices by week.  Now, the error message only displays if now days of the week have been selected



  • Added support for renewing accounts with Canadian dollars.  If you are in Canada and still see US information, please contact our renewals department to make the switch


  • Admins and officials can see all payments included in a 1099 by clicking on the green dollar sign ($).



  • When a change is made to the bank account on your ArbiterPay profile, you will receive an email
  • Improved security practices and updates



  • When running background checks, only officials who can have a background check run appear.  Previously, the background check was not being run for these officials, but they appeared in the list to be run.
  • Future eligibility periods will appear to admins even if the start date is in the future
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