January 29, 2015 (v28.2)

Thank you for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs.  To continue improving our site, we release updates every two weeks.  Each update includes performance and stability improvements along with other bug fixes.  When new features are released, we'll include additional information about the changes.

Highlights this release:

Improved reliability on emails
Updates and performance improvements to 1099s



  • When adding recurring events or practices, if you use the Create and New option, the weekly scheduling option will appear
  • For those who have signed up to receive reminder emails through ArbiterLive, they will now receive them more reliably



  • If an official received a 1099, the 1099 tab will display no matter which group they signed into (previously, the group have to have 1099s available)


  • The payor TIN number will not be masked when printing a 1099
  • Custom assigning fees will be added to 1099s going forward.  A tax consultant can help with deducing expenses
  • Some clients had reported not receiving the new game email.  New game emails are being sent in all scenarios



  • When an official selected a local chapter during registration, the assigner of that account was receiving to emails notifying them of the new official
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