Can I get a refund on my registration fees?

If you have registered with a non-NCAA officiating organization, you should contact the directly organization regarding any refund request.  ArbiterSports cannot assist in the refund as we only aid in the processing of registrations.

If you are requesting a refund for any NCAA registration, click on the link below:

NCAA Registration Refund

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    Back in the Spring of 2016, I paid $50 assigner's fee, $10 for the State Police Report, and got fingerprinted at the Fed-Ex Bldg. I also had to get clearance from Child Abuse of PA, eclearance ID # with a credit card as it was an on-line action only. I contacted Henry " Bill " Siegler by email to get a refund as I never worked as an umpire this year due to physical injuries. He has ignored me and blocked my email address. I will forgive the gas, time, etc., but would like my total of $75 returned from the Assigner's Fee Fund, and need your help perhaps from the Support Dept. Thank You, Hank Schwartz.