How Do I Register As An Official?

Many officiating organizations use ArbiterSports to register officials for their leagues.  If your group manages its registration through ArbiterSports, you can access the registration by switching your views to the Central Hub for your group.  Your group will have created a tab or a button marked "Registration," which will direct you to the forms for the various sports and competitive levels you wish to register for.  Click on the appropriate form, and follow the steps to complete the registration.


For more information on how to register with your organization, check the Announcements page for your group, or contact your assigner.

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    Bryan Rowden

    Not helpful.. what does "change your views to the Central Hub" mean?... maybe actual instructions on how to do that will answer the FAQ

  • Avatar
    mike mendley

    My "assigner" seems to be MPSSAA, which says, "swimming, and diving officials must register as an individual on the Arbiter Sports website." So how does one do that?

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    Doug Rush

    I registered about 2 years ago but it says "No Arbiter Account". I have received funds but it still says I don't have an account under "Arbiter Pay". Is there something I need to do to link the two?

  • Avatar
    Shaquayla Carroll

    How can you register if you don’t have an organization?