Debit Card Response Codes

If your ArbiterPay debit card is declined, it should provide an error code associated with the decline.  The following table indicates the reason for the decline based on the error message.


Reason Code Description
00 Approved or completed successfully
01 Refer to card issuer
02 * Refer to card issuers special conditions
03 Invalid merchant
04 Pick-up
05 Do not honor
06 Error
07 Pick-up card, special conditions
08 * Honor with identification
09 * Request in progress
10 Approved for partial amount
11 * Approved (VIP)
12 Invalid transaction-Sometimes a place that may not accept pre-paid debit cards
13 Invalid amount
14 Invalid card number (no such number)
15 No such issuer
16 * Approved, update Track 3
17 * Customer cancellation, reversal (unsupported)
18 (Not Supported)
19 * Re-enter transaction
20 Invalid response
21 (Not Supported)
22 (Not Supported)
23 Unacceptable transaction fee
24 File update not supported by receiver (0302 message only)
25 Unable to locate record on file (0302 message only)
26 Duplicate file update record, no action (0302 message only)
27 File update field edit error (0302 message only)
28 File update record locked out (0302 message only)
29 File update not successful, contact acquirer (0302 message only)
30 Format error (may also be a reversal)
31 Bank not supported by switch
32 (Not Supported)
33 Expired card, pick-up
34 Suspected fraud, pick-up
35 * Card acceptor contact acquirer, pick-up
36 Restricted card, pick-up
37 Card acceptor call acquirer security, pick-up
38 Allowable PIN tries exceeded, pick-up
39 No credit account
40 Requested function not supported
41 Lost card, pick-up
42 No universal account
43 Stolen card, pick-up
44 No investment account
45 Reserved for ISO use
46 Reserved for ISO use
47 Reserved for ISO use
48 Reserved for ISO use
49 Reserved for IO use
50 Reserved for ISO use
51 Insufficient funds
52 No checking account
53 No savings account
54 Expired card
55 Incorrect PIN
56 No card record
57 Transaction not permitted to cardholder
58 Transaction not permitted to terminal (may also be a chargeback)
59 Suspected fraud
60 Card acceptor contact acquirer
61 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62 Restricted card
63 Security violation (may also be a chargeback)
64 (Not Supported)
65 Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
66 Card acceptor call acquirer security
67 Hard capture, pick-up
68 (Not Supported)
69 Reserved for ISO
70 Reserved for ISO
71 Reserved for ISO
72 Reserved for ISO
73 Reserved for ISO
74 Reserved for ISO
75 Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
76 Key synchronization error
78 Customer not eligible for POS (STAR)
79 Invalid Digital Signature
80 Stale dated transaction (STAR)
81 Issuer requested stand-in
82 Count exceeds limit (Visa Net)
83 Reserved for private use
84 Time limit for pre-authorization reached (Visa Net)
85 Reserved for private use
86 Cannot verify PIN (Visa Net)
87 * Check already posted
88 Information not on file
89 Card verification value (CVV) verification failed (no pick-up)
90 Cutoff in progress
91 Issuer or switch is inoperative
92 Financial institution or intermediate network unknown for routing
93 * Transaction cannot be completed, violation of law
94 Duplication transaction
95 * Reconcile error
96 System malfunction
97 Reserved for national use
98 Reserved for national use
99 Reserved for national use
N0 Authorization life cycle unacceptable
N1 Authorization life cycle expired
N2-N9 Future Use
P0-P9 Future Use
R0-R2 Future Use
R2 Allowable PAN entries warning approved
R3 Approved with overdraft protection
“S” Series “S” Series defined by FIS
“T” Series “T” Series defined by FIS
C2-MZ Reserved for national use
SQ PIN Key Synch Error
ST Revocation of authorization order
SV Stop recurring payments
TA ARQC validation failed for Chip Card
TB Unsafe PIN
T7 Purchase only approval for purchase with cash back transaction
R4 Bad CVV3
R5-ZZ Reserved for private use
R5-ZZ Reserved for private use
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