December 11, 2014 (v27.5)


Continued bug slaying and performance improvements


  1. Added support for SchoolDude integration on Non Game Events.  The update includes both facility and transportation requests.
  2. Changed the navigation after editing a tournament.  Previously, you would stay on the Edit Tournament page.  Now it exits the edit page and returns to the schedule.
  3. When editing an item on the schedule, if the transportation request has comments on it, the comments box will be expanded by default.  Previously, you had to click on Comments to see the comments.
  4. Fixed a bug with the Smart Scheduler that caused the squad name for a team to not show
  5. Updated the process when saving a game or practice to always have the option to notify the opponent or ArbiterLive followers (if applicable)
  6. Fixed a bug that removed SchoolDude integration if the school saved their settings
  7. Fixed a bug that caused an error when adding basketball games (only affected some accounts)
  8. Updated the SchoolDude integration to send the Common Name (in ArbiterGame) as the Event Name
  9. Updated the SchoolDude integration to indicate if the event is a practice


  1. Fixed a bug that wasn't displaying games on the school's calendar if using the month selector.


  1. Added an SSN Verified status to each account.
  2. Fixed a bug that reset a custom game filter for clients
  3. Fixed a bug that threw an application error when exporting the Outlook compatible schedule
  4. Fixed a bug that showed evaluators on the officials reminder email
  5. Updated the contact reminder process to be more reliable


  1. Fixed a bug that threw an error when making payments using DirectPay


  1. Fixed a bug that didn't send official's information to partners if the official accepted the game through their Connected account
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