November 20, 2014 (v27.4)


  • Continued bug fixes and site stability updates
  • Fixed a bug that caused some client's browsers to lock


  • Smart Scheduler --  Set up the Smart Scheduler to add multiple games at once.  For example, you can set up the Smart Scheduler to add a JV game any time you add a varsity game.  To set up the Smart Scheduler, go to your teams page and edit a team.
  • Added the ability to add recurring practices and events.  When adding a practice or event, you will see an option to add a weekly schedule.  Select that option and choose the days that the practices or events occur.
  • Updated the SchoolDude integration to include the team squad name with transportation and facility requests. 
  • Updated tournaments to allow the transportation leave time to be after the tournament start time.  This update allows schools that don't play in the first set of games to arrange transportation later in the day.
  • When adding or editing a site, the Address 1 field is now required.  Requiring the Address 1 field helps eliminate duplicate sites being added and provides improved navigation.
  • Removed the paging on the team roster page.  All players on the team will appear under the team roster on a single page.


  • Fixed a bug that caused ArbiterLive reminder emails to not be sent out.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed TBA game times as 12:01 am


  • Fixed a bug that allowed contacts to see officials even if the assignments were marked as hold dates
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow assigners to add sites if the schools they service had an expired ArbiterGame account


  • Fixed a bug that would show a payment as unsuccessful even though the transaction was successful in ArbiterPay.  We have notified all clients affected by this issue.


  • On the game publication API, we added the option to requeue games based on sport, level, or gender of the game.
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