October 9th, 2014 (v27.1)


  1. General bug fixes and performance tuning
  2. Improved email performance and reliability


  1. Fixed a bug that didn't send game change notifications to ArbiterLive followers (if the school uses ArbiterLive)
  2. Fixed a bug that didn't show the school logo on ArbiterLive


  1. For In-Person Event Tracking, if the category for an event changes, the eligibility status for officials will be updated
  2. Fixed a bug that applied background check approval status across accounts.
  3. Fixed a bug that didn't display related content on some rule books.
  4. Fixed a bug that didn't show unpublished tests as an option for an eligibility requirement
  5. Fixed a bug that only showed open Eligibility Periods in the Eligibility Center
  6. Fixed a bug that threw an error when clicking "My Account" on a Central Hub
  7. Fixed a bug that caused an application error when saving a test to PDF while reviewing the test
  8. Fixed a bug that caused action steps to not run properly after an official completed a step

Post Release Hot Fixes

  1. When completing a registration, officials would see the custom text duplicated.
  2. Fixed a bug that showed the wrong sport on decline emails
  3. Fixed a bug that didn't allow assigners to add notes to a game
  4. Unassign emails to billto contacts are now sending


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