November 6th, 2014 (v27.3)


Squashed bugs and improved performance


  1. Added the contract addendum to the contract popdown (the portion that opens when clicking on the contract icon from the schedule page)
  2. Fixed a bug where tournament contracts couldn't open
  3. Fixed a bug that didn't allow tournaments to be published using the button on the schedule page
  4. Fixed a bug that caused the students filter to sort by last name but not by first name
  5. Fixed a bug that would take the client back the schedule page after removing a team from a tournament.  Now it keeps the client on the tournament edit page.


  1. Updated the team schedule printout to correct a few formatting issues
  2. Fixed a bug where tournaments didn't display on ArbiterLive team schedules
  3. Fixed a bug that threw an error when viewing tournaments on ArbiterLive


  1. Assigners can now change teams on games where the teams have accepted the contract in ArbiterGame.  If the team had a transportation or facility request, it will be canceled (if using SchoolDude integration, it will cancel the request with SchoolDude).


  1. Automatically disable the submit button after it is clicked once.  This avoids the same test from being submitted twice.


  1. On the partner exchange service, we fixed a bug that didn't include the slot number with the assignment information
  2. On the GamePublication API, we added an option to check for a specific game ID.  If it no longer exists, we will send a deleted flag for that game.  Previously, not response was sent.
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