I Cannot See my Assigning Group

Have you just come home from a referee meeting, or a registration convention, expecting a notification that you've been added to new assigning group, but there's no update to your account?  Is your list of assigning groups smaller than it seemed yesterday?  This can happen for multiple reasons.


  1. Your assigner has not yet entered your information into the group roster.
    Like many young track stars that you judge, you may have "jumped the gun," and checked your account too early.  If this is the case, give your assigner time to add you the group.  If it feels like it's been long enough, contact your assigner to see if perhaps they've made the following mistake.
  2. Your assigner has entered the wrong email address that you use for ArbiterSports.
    Perhaps your assigner added you to the group with the email address "," but you sign in with with "," or something similar.  Obviously, the two accounts will not be linked together, and you won't see anything new when you sign in with your hotmail account.  To fix this, you can Merge Your Two Accounts, or you can contact your assigner, and request that they update your email address.
  3. Your assigner made a spelling error on your email address.
    If you hand-wrote your email address on a piece of paper, your assigner may have mistaken a "1" for a lower-case L, or a capital "S" for the number 5.  Contact your assigner to request that they fix your email address.
  4. Your assigner removed you from the group.
    Many assigners perform seasonal maintenance on their groups, including removing officials from the roster in preparation for the next season's registration.  If you have been removed from a group, you should contact your assigner for more information.

ArbiterSports customer service agents are not authorized to add officials into a group without direct authorization from group assigners or administrators.  Assigners are charged by the number of officials they add to their group. If you are unable to see an assigning group, please contact the assigner to verify that they have the correct information.

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    Greg White

    I just want to see my schedule wont let me log in

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    Thomas Boyd

    I need to see my schedule to accept games and Arbiter won't let me sign in.

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    Daniel Corp


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    Ron Marozas

    When trying to log in to arbiter there is usual screen that I have seen over the last few years going through the KSHSAA log in page.
    What is going on. I think I have my password changed as indicated in an e-mail I received. Log in through the KSHSAA takes me to you web site to learn about you site but does not give me a place to log into my account. Something is screwed up as I have never had trouble before. Ron Marozas e-mail
    Talk to me please... I had an email that said I have games assigned but I am not being able to log in.

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    Phillip Davis

    want to see my schedule to accept games and arbiter won't let me sign in.

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    Laura Griffin

    William griffin,Can,t log in .Won,t except my pass word for the email entered

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    Amy Lindsey

    Can't see my schedules!!

  • Avatar
    Amy Lindsey

    Can't see my schedules!!

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    Brad Yuricheck

    I recently signed in and one of my group #’s is no longer there. I spoke to my administrator and he said that I’m on the list with assignments pending but for some reason, the group is missing in my schedule. Please help!

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    Chris White

    My boss says he is sending me assignments and says he can see them, but I cannot see them, so I obviously cannot accept them. Why.

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    not seeing my assignments

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    theophilos theophilou

    Theophilos Theophilou
    I cannot see my assignments also

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    William Lyons

    it will not let me sign in