October 23rd, 2014 (v27.2)


  1. More behind the scenes bug fixes and performance updates


  1. Additional changes to mass updates.  Now when mass updating, the fields default to "No Change" to indicate that the field won't be changed, and the mass update box closes automatically after running the update.
  2. Fixed a bug on the student filters.  When filtering for a sport and level, it now only includes students who are on a team with both that sport and level. 
  3. Fixed a bug that didn't sort students properly when sorting by name
  4. Fixed a bug that was including students from previous years in the Current Students filter


  1. Fixed a bug that didn't display school logos on ArbiterLive


  1. Updated Schedule for officials!  The new schedule is faster and allows for more flexible filtering.


  1. Fixed a bug that didn't send an email to administrators when an official selected their account as the local association/conference
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