Managing Scope

Scope is the ability which allows the primary admin to limit visibility for each of the other sub-admins. This allows for multiple assigners to work together without encroaching on each others responsibilities. For example, a sub-admin can be scoped for certain levels which they assign so that they will not assign games that do not fall under their jurisdiction. If all the items are on the left (No Scope) then the sub-admin is not scoped for that type.

Affected Areas

Level -- If a sub-admin is scoped for the levels they have jurisdiction over, they will only be able to view games at that level and have access to those levels under sports/levels.  Scoping under levels will also limit the visible officials to those who are ranked for the positions within the scoped levels.  The primary assigner will see all levels under sports/levels even if they are scoped to see certain levels.

Sites -- Only games at the sites for which the sub-admin is scoped will be accessible.  The sub-admin will also only view those sites under the Assigning > Sites subtab.  However, the primary assigner will see all sites.

Teams -- Only games with the scoped team as either the home or away team will be accessible.  These teams will only be visible to the sub-admin under the Teams link.  The primary assigner will see all teams.

Leagues -- (Note: League scope must be used in tandem with the Level scope option, otherwise the officials will be hidden from view) Only games with a team, site, or bill-to that belong to the scoped leagues are accessible.  Those teams will be displayed under the Team link from the start page.  This applies to the primary assigner.

Officials -- The officials who are on the right (scoped) will appear in the roster of officials.  The sub-admin will only have the ability to rank these officials.  This creates an issue for the official if the sub-admin does not have scope for them.  If the hard issue checkbox is selected sub-admins cannot assign officials outside of their scope.  The drop-down contains the filters from the Users > Officials page. 

How to Scope

  1. Go to Users > Group Admins subtab and click Scope.PNG under utilities on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Choose a sub-admin and scope type.
  3. Select the information to be scoped on the left side. 
    • If all of the items are needing to be selected, click the Select_All.PNG button.
    • To select a group of items (level, site, etc.) click and drag until all of the items are highlighted.
    • If only certain items from the list are desired, then click on each separate item while holding the CTRL.jpg for a PC or the download.jpg key for a Mac. 
  4. Once each of the items are selected click the Right_Arrow.PNG icon. The selected items will move to the scoped side. 
  5. To unscope a sub-admin, follow the same procedure as explained above but move the selections from the right side to the left by using the Left_Arrow.PNG icon.
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