Reporting Performance Issues

When you're in a hurry, having the site slow down can be very frustrating.  With your help, we can fix areas that may run slowly.  Our team is constantly monitoring the site, but sometimes slowness is isolated to a few clients and doesn't rise to the top of our monitoring.


We need your help in identifying performance issues and slowness in ArbiterSports.

If you encounter a performance issue, just letting us know that your ArbiterSports account is slow doesn’t help us narrow down the root cause of your issue. If you can give us the following specific information, it will empower us to help you.

Please get the following information and email it to

  • Provide your system settings: This will help us rule out any hardware or external software issues. Here's what we need:

    • Visit and take a screenshot.  It's a quick way for non-technical people to get their technical stats.

    • Visit and run the test.  Please provide the number you receive for download and upload speeds.

  • Tell us exactly what you did: General slowness when assigning a single slot can be very different from mass updating 10,000 officials. By telling us the specific actions you took, we can narrow down the possible issues and find a fix more easily. Don’t feel like you’re being too specific when letting us know the actions you took, as this step is arguably the most important. The better we can pinpoint an issue, the better we can solve the problem you encountered.

  • Tell us what has changed: If you're adding a game and it's taking 10 seconds, let us know that it normally takes 3 seconds. This gives us a frame of reference for your issue and allows us to compare your report with the reports of others.

  • Give us a timeframe: If you've been experiencing a slowdown, let us know how long this has been occurring. We release patches and updates every couple of weeks. If your issue started around the same time a patch was deployed, we can focus on items that changed with that release.



Here's an example of what an email may look like.  The information is left blank to make this form easier to copy.


While I was using the site today, it took longer than normal to do a few things.  Here are the details.


Action:  I was trying to reschedule rained out games.  After editing the game and changing it to rainout, I saved it.  It took about 20 seconds for the next page to come up where I choose who to notify.

Normal time:  About 3 seconds per game

At time of incident:  About 20 seconds per game


Computer Specs Note:  It will be easier to use the link above to collect this information.

OS Version: 


IP Address:


Cookies Enabled:

Screen Resolution:

Browser Size:


User Agent:


Internet Status Note:  Use speedtest to get your upload and download speeds.









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