September 18th, 2014 (v26.6)


  1. Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  1. When changing a game from home/away, the payor of the game is changed to the new home team.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused some situations, when a change was made to a game it would appear without the changes.
  3. When changing the end time of a game, it no longer requires other parties to accept the change.
  4. When adding a game, the assigning group now shows the mapped level name.  By showing the level name, ArbiterGame admins can choose which assigning level to send the game to.
  5. Fixed a bug when adding teams to a tournament.  If the team was a squad, the page would have to be refreshed before the team would appear.
  6. Fixed a bug that hid students on the team roster after sorting
  7. Fixed a bug that didn't allow the contract to open if your opponent had deleted the game from their schedule.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused the opponent contact information to not be clickable to show the profile immediately after accepting the contract.
  9. Added an exit button to the contact profile modal


  1. Fixed a bug that showed tournaments in the wrong school year.


  1. Continued updates to the officials schedule and blocked dates beta pages.  We anticipate releasing these globally within the next month.
  2. Added 6/7/8th and 7/8/9th as level options when upgrading teams
  3. Fixed a bug that would mark paid by billto slots as paid when a paysheet was marked as paid
  4. When changing the end time of a game, it no longer requires other parties to accept the change


  1. In-Person Event Tracking Updates
    1. Added a completed status to events.  An official can now be marked as registered, attended, and completed.
    2. When an official is signing up for an in-person event, the site will now show the number of available seats left (45 of 50).
    3. When an official is marked as completed for an in-person event, if the event completes all eligibility requirements then the official will be marked eligible. 
  2. For those using our Online Clinics through Brainshark, we added a link to the online clinics from the officials page.
  3. Fixed a bug that threw an error if an admin went to the video monitoring section with no current videos


  1. Within the dataexchange API, we added a function to retrieve sports/levels by GenericSportID.
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