August 21st, 2014 (v26.4)


  1. General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  2. Updated the voting option in our Product Feedback Forum (lower right hand side of the Help Center).  To vote for a feature suggestion, open the suggestion and click the thumbs-up icon.


  1. Changed the way game deletes are handled in ArbiterGame.  When a game is deleted in ArbiterGame, if an opponent(s) has accepted the contract or officials are assigned, then the school removing the game will be taken off the game and an email will be sent to all opponents and the assigner who remain connected to the game.  Previously, when a game was deleted it would remove it for all parties.
  2. When a game is added by an assigner, the default publish status for the ArbiterGame schools will be "Published."
  3. Fixed a bug on game change emails when the time was TBA.  If the time was TBA, the email showed the game at 12:01 am.


  1. General performance improvements
  2. Fixed a bug that threw an error when creating paysheets or invoices.
  3. Fixed a bug that incorrectly marked a paysheet as paid if it was paid by RefPay, but the official didn't have a RefPay account linked.
  4. Updated formatting on the unassignment notification email to officials to make the game details more clear.
  5. Fixed a bug on the auto-assign complete email.  The elapsed time was shown as negative instead of positive.
  6. Thanks for the feedback on the beta schedule page for officials!  With the feedback, we fixed an error some officials received when going to that page and fixed a bug with past games not showing.  We plan to go live with the new page in a few weeks.


  1. The BETA program for ArbiterPay Canada has started.  To prepare for this, a few updates for handling currencies were added to ArbiterOne and ArbiterPay.  Welcome to the Canadians whose payment process is now easier!


  1. Eligibility Center
    1. Added an option to limit which eligibility periods appear to an official based on an officials filter.  By setting up a filter, only officials who match the filter can complete the eligibility requirements.  For example, a volleyball eligibility period could be limited to officials who have registered for volleyball.  When officials who haven't registered for volleyball go to the Eligibility Center, they would not see the volleyball eligibility requirements.
    2. When an official goes to the Eligibility Center, their eligibility is updated to ensure their status is current.
    3. When an eligibility requirement is added or deleted, the eligibility status of all officials in the association will be updated based on the changed requirements.
    4. Track if an eligibility period was manually given.  If the eligibility was manually given, then a change in the eligibility requirements (item 2 above) do not affect the official's eligibility status.
  2. Background Checks
    1. The background check consent was broken into two parts: one consenting, and the other acknowledging disclosure to the association.
    2. General performance updates.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented an email to be sent to the association admin which notifies them whenever an official selects their chapter during registration.  (If the official is already in the group, then no email is sent).
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