Functions: AcceptGames


The AcceptGames sends approved games, by the assigner from the holding table in ArbiterSports, to the partner who sent it.  The information is sent through a push API call to the third party. 

In order to receive assignment information, the assignment must meet the following criteria:

  1. The game originated from the third party
  2. The assigning account currently receives game from the third party
  3. Assignment is accepted (sent to third party when assignment is accepted)

Assigners have a page that displays all failed API calls, typically from a mismatch in teams, sites, or levels.  On this page, assigners can import games that failed when being inserted.  When a game previously failed, a negative game number was returned to the partner.  Once the assignment is imported, a call to the partner provides the negative game number along with the new game number.

Because the failed game number was initially sent, partners should save that game number and then update it to the positive game number once the game is imported.




Field Type Description
Username STRING  Username assigned to third party by ArbiterSports (same as  used for DataExchange API)
Password STRING  Password assigned to third party by ArbiterSports


Field Type Description


INT Assigning account number within Arbiter.  This is the same account number that was provided when the game was sent through the API.

Account specific game ID.  Once the game is successfully imported by the assigner, the game ID is assigned and sent back through this call.

UniqueGameID LONG

System generated number that uniquely identifies a game in our system.

DEGameID INT Original negative game ID assigned to the failed game. 
OfficialID INT Not currently used


ArbiterSports does not require a return value for this call.



  1. This is an authenticated web service.  ArbiterSports will authenticate against the third party scheduling partner using the same username and password that is used for the DataExchange API.
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