Upgrading to a Standardized Account

Upgrading to Master Records

To watch a brief video on upgrading each section of your account, please click the link below:

Video - Upgrading your account

Section 1: Overview

  1. During the conversion process you are merging your items to a “master” record, similar to how officials are stored in the system. Master records are uniform between all accounts in ArbiterSports. Some of the specific benefits include:
  • Ability to prevent site conflicts between assigners that share the same site
  • Sync with ArbiterGame and other scheduling tools more accurately
  • In most cases, ArbiterSports will be able to automatically keep your contact list for each high school current
  • We are moving everyone to this new architecture for improved performance and stability

Section 2: Who Should Upgrade

  1. Everyone! If you do not assign high school levels, you will need to upgrade your sites at a minimum. You do not need to upgrade teams

Section 3: Best Practices

  1. The best time to convert your group is while your sports are out of season. This isn’t necessary, but it will make the conversion process easier. If you would like to start with a clean slate, you can remove all sites, teams, and Bill Tos, then re-subscribe to them.

Section 4: Getting Started

  1. Contact our support staff Toll Free at 1-800-311-4060 to let us know you are starting this process.
  2. Check your levels.
    • Double header levels will need to be added as 2 separate levels.

    • Generic Sport/Level and Gender are required for all levels. Please verify the information listed on each level is correct. Non-high school levels should be marked as (adult, youth, college, etc.). This information can be found by clicking the edit pencil to the left of the specified level.

    • Only High School Levels need to be upgraded
  1. You will need to upgrade your account items in the following order: *
  • Sites
  • Bill Tos (This applies only to accounts who have the Payroll module)
  • Teams

*Failure to upgrade your account in the suggested order could result in additional effort and may affect the use of your account

Section 5: Upgrade your Account

  1. Sites



* A satellite site is a location that your high school team plays at, but is not tied to the school. This could be a park, golf course, or community recreation center.


  1. Bill-Tos (This applies only to accounts who have the Payroll module)


  1. Teams



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