Functions: AcceptAssignments


The AcceptAssignments returns information back to the partner who sent it.  The information is sent through a push API call to the third party. 

In order to receive assignment information, the assignment must meet the following criteria:

  1. The game originated from the third party
  2. The assigning account currently receives game from the third party
  3. The assigning account has selected to return assignment information to the third party that sent the games
  4. The assignment has been accepted

At the time an assignment is accepted, whether by the official or the assigner, a call is made to the third party that sent the game with the assignment details below.




Field Type Description
Username STRING  Username assigned to third party by ArbiterSports (same as  used for DataExchange API)
Password STRING  Password assigned to third party by ArbiterSports


Field Type Description


INT Assigning account number within Arbiter.  This is the same account number that was provided when the game was sent through the API.
GameID INT Account specific game ID.  The GroupID and GameID fields form a unique identified for the game.
UniqueGameID LONG System generated number that uniquely identifies a game in our system.
OfficialID INT Unique ID for the official.  The GroupID, GameID, and OfficialID uniquely identify the assignment.  This is important for identifying the assignment when UpdateAssignments and RemoveAssignments are called.
OfficialName STRING First and last name of the official concatenated together (separated by a space).  E.g.  "Firstname" + " " + "LastName"
SlotNumber INT Row order of the assignment on the game.  This is unique for each game.  For example, if a game has two officials assigned to it listed as Referee and Umpire, then the SlotNumber for Referee would be 1 and for Umpire would be 2.
PositionName STRING Name of the assignment position.
Status STRING All statuses are accepted through this call.  ArbiterSports only provide assignment information for accepted assignments.  If an official is removed then the status would be changed.
StatusDate STRING Date that the status was changed (this is
TravelFee DECIMAL Total payment amount for travel, perdiem, and any travel categories set up in the account (e.g. luggage, tolls, etc)
GameFee DECIMAL Total game fee amount.
RefPayAccount STRING ArbiterPay Account number for the official that is associated with this account.  Officials can have more than one ArbiterPay account if they associate them to different assigning groups.
OfficialEmail STRING Official's signin email address.  If the official has more than one email address it lists the primary email address.
OfficialPhone STRING First listed public phone number for the official.


ArbiterSports does not require a return value for this call.




  1. This is an authenticated web service.  ArbiterSports will authenticate against the third party scheduling partner using the same username and password that is used for the DataExchange API.
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