Link Multiple ArbiterPay Accounts With One Assigning Group

If you have an assigner that assigns for multiple sports, you may want sport specific ArbiterPay accounts.  Before completing the following actions, you will need to create the sport specific accounts within ArbiterPay.

  1. Sign into your account, and specifically sign into this assigner's page
  2. Go to the Payroll tab
  3. On the Ref Pay sub-tab, type in your Ref Pay Username in the specified field, then click enter
  4. The account number drop-down will give you all account numbers tied to this Username.  If you know which account number is for which sport, link that one now.  You can also link all account numbers.
  5. To authorize the link, provide your account's 4-digit security key/PIN code
  6. Click on the blue floppy disc icon to the left to save

Once linked, it should give you the option of selecting which account number to pay from, so you can keep baseball funds separate from softball games, etc.

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