Add new teams, sites, opponents in ArbiterGame

How to add new teams:

1.  From the Teams tab, click on the Create New Team button to the upper right.

2.  First specify what generic sport this will be for (Ex:  football).

3.  Then select a gender.  Unfortunately, we have removed the option for COED.

4.  Lastly, choose a level of competition (Ex:  Varsity).

5.  In the section below, select a default home site to play in (Ex:  [Your High School Name]).

6.  Select a subsite (Ex:  stadium).

7.  For the officiating section, specify whether the assignments are coming from your school (Assign by School), from your Arbiter One assigner (specify the group ID #), or if no officials are required for the game.

8.  Finally, the Times details to the right can be updated to default settings to automatically update as you enter the team's details on a new game process.  Set as needed.



How to subscribe or add new sites for your home games:

1.  From the Sites tab, click on the Manage Satellite Sites button to the upper right.

2.  You can also edit an existing Site, like a School, and edit or add new subsites within.

3.  Search by name within 20, 50, 100, or 200 miles of your school's postal code.  This allows for more precise results.

4.  Simply check the boxes next to the names of the schools or sites you need to subscribe to.


How to subscribe to a new opponent:

1.  From the Opponents tab, click on Add Opponents button to the upper right.

2.  For more precise results, search by the school's postal code, and keep the distance of 10 or 20 miles set, to bring back less results, and faster.

3.  Check the boxes next to the names of the schools you need to subscribe to.

4.  Click I'm Done Subscribing to Opponents once complete.


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