June 11, 2014 (v25.4)


  1. Fixed a bug that was showing previous game data after a change had been made by the assigner


  1. Added additional font options for student certificates
  2. Added an option to save custom settings on student certificates.  The options that can be saved for each field include location on the certificate, size, font, bold/not fold, and all capitals.
  3. Fixed a bug that wasn't displaying home/away changes properly


  1. SSN Security -- Updated SSNs throughout the system to only show the last four numbers.  When printing vouchers, there is an option to print the full SSN if needed.
  2. Various performance improvements
  3. Added the option to email ArbiterGame schools when editing a game even if they aren't listed as contact within the group
  4. Updated the 'Claim a game' feature to make claiming games entered through ArbiterGame easier
  5. Fixed a bug that didn't allow games to be edited after an ArbiterGame client had deleted it within ArbiterGame
  6. Fixed a bug that wasn't displaying home/away changes properly
  7. Fixed a bug that allowed officials to delete blocked dates created by the system
  8. Fixed a bug with paysheets not sorting properly


  1. Added option to choose currency type for an ArbiterOne account.  We will open the ArbiterPay Canada beta in the next few weeks.  To apply for the beta program, please contact


  1. Added a tracking field to indicate if an eligibiltiy period was manually given by an admin or received by completing eligibility requirements
  2. Fixed a bug that didn't send out the pre-adverse or adverse letters on background checks
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