July 24, 2014 (v26.2)

Based on the version number, this was a marathon update.  Our focus continues to be on scalability and bug fixes to ensure a smooth fall season.  Please continue to vote for items in our product feedback forums to direct our updates.


  1. Various performance updates
  2. Updated support links to direct to new ArbiterSports Help Center
  3. Squished some behind-the-scenes bugs


  1. Fixed a bug that caused deep links to ArbiterLive occasionally link to a different school


  1. Added option to enter a custom game ID for each game.  if your account is set up for integration with one of our data partners, you will see their ID as an option.  Otherwise, you can set this up under "Other" and track any custom game ID.
  2. Fixed a bug that didn't allow mass emails to be sent to officials
  3. Changed the email address that new game assignments came from when assigned by a contact.  Previously it was coming from  It now comes from the email address of the contact who made the assignment.
  4. Fixed a bug that was showing contact's private phone numbers to officials when the game was assigned by the contact
  5. BETA pages for the officials schedule and block dates pages.  To learn more, visit our BETA Feedback section.


  1. Added currency type to ArbiterOne accounts to support Canadian clients
  2. Updated ArbiterSports - RefPay linking process to ensure that account currency types match
  3. Added the option for more than one RefPay account to be supported for officials.  This allows an official who works in the United States and Canada can have a RefPay account for both US and Canadian dollars.


  1. Made the link to background checks on the officials page always active.  Previously it was only available after filtering for officials who had consented to a background check.
  2. Fixed a bug that showed multiple background checks options when setting up eligibility requirements.
  3. Fixed a bug that threw an error when officials who had consented to background checks merged their accounts.


  1. Fixed a bug that didn't allow games to be deleted through the DataExchange service.
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