August 7th, 2014 (v26.3)


  1. Fixed a bug where emails were being sent to officials with Connected even if they had turned off the notifications


  1. Fixed a bug where choosing Today as a filter option would continue to display the previously selected date range


  1. Added an option to filter games by custom game ID.  The custom game ID can be set by partners
  2. Fixed a bug that didn't allow officials to receive emails if they had a special character in their name
  3. Fixed a bug where administrators did not receive emails when an evaluation was completed
  4. Fixed a bug that didn't allow new event emails to be sent if the association had an apostrophe in their group name
  5. Fixed a bug that didn't allow a custom game ID to be removed.  To remove a custom game ID, clear out the box before saving the game.
  6. Fixed a bug that didn't email game changes to site contacts if they were also listed as team contacts


  1. Update name -- Throughout ArbiterSports we are updating the name of RefPay to ArbiterPay.  In the coming months our address will switch to


  1. Apply filter to Brainshark clinics -- When setting up a Brainshark clinic, you can now add an officials filter.  Only officials who match the filter will see the clinic.
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