ArbiterWorks User Manual

Click on the link below to download the complete ArbiterWorks User Manual.

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    Carlos Klimek

    My name is Carlos Klimek
    Soccer referee
    Arbiter has the option to track the games I did So I keep a list of the games I need to get pay and the amount and how much I will get by ArbiterPay and how much money I will get.
    Becuase In my case I have three Assignor’s and most of the time I get paid on the field and other times they sent a check.
    So I have to create a separate list on pice abpaper or my phone to know my games the amount, the payment method and also to confirm the payment.
    Gameofficial has that option and you can see all the games I did so it’s easier for me to see the number of games and money by month or year.
    Also how much money I’m making by year
    It’s hard to keep tracking the games and the money Without creating separate list of everything
    I think it will be very functional for your website to have this option
    Also I think you will need to make video about ArbiterPay registration!!
    Because s lot of ref have problems to do it
    It’s not impossible but I need to be easier
    Thank you