July 12, 2014 (v26.1)


  1. Added fencing to our list of supported sports.


  1. Updated game change management with other schools and assigners.  If there is a pending change the option to accept the change will be part of the details section.
  2. Fixed a bug on the opponents page that caused the tabs and other links to be unclickable.
  3. Updated how the date range displays when filtering for past or future events
  4. Fixed a bug that did not allow games to be deleted if there was a pending change
  5. Added a report that shows a sum total of game fees by sport and level


  1. Performance Updates
    1. Improved performance on the officials schedule.  Additional updates coming soon
    2. Improved performance when editing a game as an assigner and sending out the notification emails to contacts, officials, and ArbiterGame accounts
  2. Email Updates
    1. Implemented new delivery system to ensure higher delivery rates for all clients
    2. Fixed a bug that did not include partners on officials reminder emails
    3. Fixed a bug that caused the mass emails to officials to not send for some accounts
    4. Updated emails to account for special characters in names and email addresses


  1. Background Check Updates
    1. Added the option to schedule the adverse letter for a specified amount of time or until the administrator manually sends it
    2. Updated the pre-adverse and adverse letters to include links to the consumer rights documentation
    3. Various wording and other minor updates


  1. Fixed a bug on the Officials REST service that threw an error when pulling officials' registration information
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  • Avatar
    Antonio Araiza

    On Email Updates

    It didn't fixed a bug that caused the mass emails to officials to not send from my account

  • Avatar
    Nathan Evans

    Antonio -- Have you tried to send out a mass email to officials and they didn't receive the email? If so, please email with your account details (you can post here, but for security we don't ask clients to post personal info in comments).