The DataExchange API allows organizations to add, edit, and delete games within an ArbiterOne account.  The current version is V3. Versions 1 and 2 will be deprecated by 1/1/2015.



In order to provide information you must request a Partner Account through Tech Services at  Each ArbiterSports account can also control certain settings for each client. 


Setting Set by Description
Import Games From Account Owner Each account can select which partners they would like to receive games from.  If a partner is not selected, any calls to this account from that partner will be rejected.
Automatically Add Teams Account Owner When a game is sent through the API, if one of the teams is not currently in the account, the team will be automatically added.
Set Default Site Account Owner This setting works in conjunction with Automatically Add Teams.  When a new team is created, if this option is selected the site provided for the first game will be set as the team's default site. 
Note:  This only affects newly created home teams.
Send Officials' Data Tech Services/Account Owner This allows accepted official information to be sent to partners.  Partner Accounts must have a fully serviceable API that ArbiterSports servers can call to send the information.  This must be globally approved by ArbiterSports and allowed by the account owner on an account by account basis.


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The information is real time but limited to a max of 10,000 records per day.  If ArbiterSports sees a drastic number of failed requests, it reserves the right to terminate the Partner Account.

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