The Officials REST API allows organizations to retrieve officials data through a REST API.  The information is real time but limited to a max of 10,000 records per day.  As a REST service, after getting your permissions set up you can access the information through a browser at 



in order to access information you must be an admin in the account and request access to the API Tech Services at  The information available through the API will depend on the permissions set up on the admin account.  For example, if an admin account does not have permission to monitor tests, that account won't have access to tests through the REST API.


Available Information

Personal information

Field Data Type Description
UserID INT Unique identified for the official within ArbiterSports system.
Email STRING Primary email address on file.  If the official has more than one email address on file, this would be their login email address.
First STRING Official's first name
Last STRING Officials last name
Middle STRING Official's middle name
Address1 STRING Official's address 1 field
Address2 STRING Official's address 2 field
City STRING Official's city
State STRING Official's state
Zip STRING Official's postal code
ModifiedDate DATETIME Last time the official's information was updated.  The information is flagged as updated if the personal information or custom fields for the official are updated.  To test if the official has completed a test or registration during that time, you must look up the dates that the registration or test were completed.
BirthDate DATETIME Official's birthdate
SSN STRING Official's SSN on file (only available if the admin has payroll access).  The format of the SSN is XXX-XX-XXXX.
Phones STRING* Listing of phones.  Can include all phone numbers for the official including the type (e.g. home, work), number, and extension.
GroupID INT Account number of the group the official is in.
JoinedDate DATETIME Date the official was added into the account
Custom STRING* List of custom fields.  Includes the ID, name, and value for the official of each custom field.


Field Data Type Description
GroupID INT Account number of the registration
RegistrationiD INT Unique ID that identifies the registration (e.g. "ACME Baseball 2015-16" = ID 123)
UserID INT Official's unique ArbiterSports identifier
Title STRING Name of the registration (e.g. "ACME Baseball 2015-16")
Started DATETIME Date and time that the official started registration.  If the official is not logged in when they start registration, this is set as the time they completed the personal info step.
Completed DATETIME Date and time that the official completed the final step of registration
PaymentAmount DECIMAL Amount paid for this registration.  If the official completed multiple registrations at the same time this is the total of the payments.
PaymentDate DATETIME Date and time the payment was made.
PaymentType STRING Payment method selected by the official (e.g. Credit Card, eCheck)
OrderNumber STRING ProPay order number
AuthCode STRING ProPay authcode


Field Data Type Description
TestID INT ID of the test that the official completed
GroupID INT Account number that the test is in
UserID INT Official's unique ArbiterSports identifier
Title STRING Name of the test
StartedDate DATETIME Date and time the official started taking the test.
CompletedDate DATETIME Date and time the official completed the test.  If the official has not completed the test this will be blank.
Completed BOOLEAN True or false value if the
QuestionsCorrect INT Number of questions the official answered correctly (only calculated for completed tests)
QuestionsTotal INT Total number of questions officials are required to complete on the test.  If a test has a pool of questions that are randomly selected, this will display the number that the official must complete.
Attempts INT Number of times the official has completed the test

Eligibility (seasons)

Field Data Type Description
GroupID INT Account number of the eligibility period
UserID INT Official's unique ArbiterSports identifier
SportID INT Account specific sport ID.
SeasonID INT Unique season/eligibility ID.  Each new year eligibility will have a it's own unique SeasonID.  E.g. "2015-16 Softball" eligibility = ID 10.
Title STRING Name of the eligibility period
StartDate DATETIME Open date of the eligibility period.  This is the first date (inclusive) that officials with this eligibility period will be eligible.
EndDate DATETIME Last date (inclusive) that officials with this eligibility period will be eligible.


Within ArbiterSports, officials can be assigned a ranking to a sport position.  This ranking ranges from 100-999 with 100 being most experienced and 999 being most novice.  A ranking indicates that an official works that sport.  If the official is not ranked for a sport they cannot work it regardless of eligibility status.

Field Data Type Description
GroupID INT Account number of the rank
UserID INT Official's unique ArbiterSports identifier
PositionID INT Account specific ID of the position rank
SportID INT Account specific sportID
Title STRING Name of the position (e.g. Ref)
Rank INT Rank number for the official

Online clinics (More details coming)

Field Data Type Description

Retrieve the sport information to match up official's ranks

Field Data Type Description
SportID INT Account specific SportID
GroupID INT Account that the sport belongs to
GenericSportID INT Unique ID that ties the group specific sport to the ArbiterSports master list of sports.  For example, an account may have sports named "Boys Basketball" and another named "Girls Basketball," however, the GenericSportID for both would be 2.
Title STRING Account specific name of the sport.  For example, an account may name their sport "Rec Soccer."


 Generic Sport ID

1 Baseball
2 Basketball
3 Field Hockey
4 Football
5 Hockey
6 Lacrosse
7 Ringette
8 Soccer
9 Softball
10 Swimming
11 Track
12 Volleyball
13 Water Polo
14 Wrestling
15 Squash
16 Tennis
17 Golf
18 Gymnastics
19 Rugby
20 Other
21 Curling
22 Boxing
23 Mixed Martial Arts
24 Cricket
25 Cross Country
26 Bowling
27 Ski
28 Snowboarding
29 Racquetball
30 Competitive Cheerleading
31 Sideline Cheerleading
32 Equestrian
33 Badminton
34 Weightlifting
35 Riflery
36 Archery
37 Rowing
38 Flag football
39 Cross Country Skiing
40 Figure Skating
41 Dance
42 Pom Pon
43 Sailing
44 Surfing
45 Synchronized Swimming
46 Indoor Track
47 Diving
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  • Avatar
    Steve Burinsky

    What about assignment information? Can I get all assigned officials for a given match/game, for example?

  • Avatar
    Nathan Evans

    Steve - That information is available but requires that you have a partner account with us. Are you looking for this information just for your own schedule?

  • Avatar
    Steve Burinsky

    The assignor for group 107444 assigns refs to a tournament. I want to pull their assignments on her behalf (it could be with an account for her organization) to combine assignments with other demographic data to track their assignment across the season.

  • Avatar
    Nathan Evans

    Steve - For now, our APIs are only available for partners. We don't have the access available for individual assigners. I'll update you if we go that direction.

  • Avatar
    Steve Burinsky

    How does one become a partner? Are you referring to these organizations?

    If so, I think you're telling me that I can't use the APIs.

    Edited by Steve Burinsky
  • Avatar
    Nathan Evans

    Steve - Currently our partners are limited to state and national governing bodies. As we build out the network, we hope to make the APIs available to a broader group.