Importing Students into ArbiterGame

Importing your list of students allows you to fill out an Excel spreadsheet and then import all students at once.  If there are any errors with the import, you will be notified of the issues and can export the list of students that were not imported.

  1. From the Students tab, click on the +New Student button drop-down arrow
  2. Click on the link to Import Students
  3. Then click on the link to Download Template

Using this import template, an excel spreadsheet, fill out at the very least the required fields, which are as follows:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Graduating year
  • Gender
  • Student ID

All other fields are optional, though we recommend including the email address so that they can receive notifications.  The note box (when you hover your mouse cursor over the heading) will explain the necessary formatting for each column.  For example, the student's birth date needs to be in the format MM/DD/YYYY.

Many other fields are a simply Y/N, rather than requiring full text, such as Is Physical Current, Consent to be Treated, etc.  Any of these optional fields, as you need them, can be updated in each student's profile after their information has been imported.  Most of the fields may not need to be addressed at all, so don't feel required to have to include it in the import.

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