Why can't I see all of my games or teams in my schedule?

Your assigner has control over your account, and has the means of connecting you to each of your respective team's schedules.  If you are a school AD, Athletic Secretary, or Coach, for instance, and you oversee both a Varsity and JV team for baseball, you will need to be linked to both teams.


If you happen to notice that your schedule page only shows the Varsity team, then your assigner, or a tech support agent, will have to update your account to properly link you with each of the two teams.  In this case, add the JV team.  


In assigner's verbiage, if you happen to run into this problem, this is what they need to do:


1.  Bring up their roster of Contacts

2.  Click the Edit Pencil next to your name

3.  Click on the link labelled "Relationships"

4.  Click the Show All box to reveal all teams

5.  Simply check the box next to all of the remaining teams you should be linked to

6.  Save your profile once again, and follow-up with you accordingly


Key words:  Contacts, Relationships

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